State College Physical Therapy, Inc.

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About Us

State College Physical Therapy is a professional clinic established in 1989 for a broad range of Physical Therapy services.  We offer high quality patient care by providing an individualized treatment plan based on a comprehensive exam.

Our company is run by an accomplished registered physical therapist with over 20 years of experience in patient care and more than 50 continuing education courses and seminars

Our therapist's expertise was achieved through a combination of extensive university-level education and years of professional experience in practical applications.  We possess and acute awareness of the need to learn the latest treatment techniques through continuing educational programs.

We are a member of the Physical Therapy Provider Network (PTPN).  Our physical therapy clinic meets the PTPN's strict criteria and participates in their Utilization Review Project, thereby ensuring high quality patient services.

For a more effective treatment, we maintain proper communication with referring physicians and case managers by providing them with our initial evaluation, results, and treatment plan immediately following the first visit.  Progress reports follow, in addition to a final evaluation.

At State College Physical Therapy we have initiated a patient care quality control program to assure that our patients receive unparalleled service from our trained PT staff and Registered Physical Therapists.

We have a multilingual staff on duty (English, Spanish and Farsi).

Memberships: APTA, PTPN, CPTP, PRN, and RPN.